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Program:   StillStream All Ambient
Host:   Wally The Ambient Robot
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Artist:   IXOHOXI and Stephen Philips
Track:   Tweaking The Parameters
Album:   Simulated Universe
Released:   2005
Label:   Dark Duck
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    Artist   Track   Release   Label
07:36:04 AM CDT (UTC-5)   IXOHOXI and Stephen Philips   Tweaking The Parameters   Simulated Universe   Dark Duck
07:28:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Human Metronome   Jin   The Child Set Free   Resonating Earth
07:14:20 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Twilight Illusions   Wanderer in Autumn   Wanderer in Autumn   Liminal
07:10:02 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Distant Waves   Distant Waves   Etched Skies   Distant Waves Music
07:04:00 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Streamline   Water's Edge   The Earth Ambient   Blue Water Records
06:36:33 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Christian H. Sotemann   Rehte Nedlog   Golden Ether   Cryptic Scenery
06:30:13 AM CDT (UTC-5)   John Christian   Forest of Weaver's Beams   Susbarbatus   John Christian
06:23:12 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Alvari Lume   Inner Voice   Ennen   Audio Gourmet
06:09:33 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Tom Powell   Slowly Standing   Distant Fields   Tom Powell
06:00:08 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Chris Russell and Disturbed Earth   Watching as Pools Form   The Approaching Armada   Relaxed Machinery
05:54:05 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Marc Atmost   Ancient Earth   Versatile   Earth Mantra
05:35:36 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Frequent Sync   Current   Familiar Fields   SeedSound
05:31:30 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Spuntic   The Haze   Hybrid Source   enoughrecords
05:20:21 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Fosel   Midland Astral (Phillip Wilkerson Remix)   Complex Silence 8   Treetrunk
05:14:36 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Psicodreamics   Unicorn's Dream (The End)   Fantasynth   Witches on the Radiowaves
05:11:35 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Frozen Silence   Remains of the Day   Heart of Winter   Jamendo
05:08:11 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Graham Dean Satterthwaite   China Drone   Life is a Journey   Graham Dean Satterthwaite
05:01:53 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kendall Station   Tether   Nebulae and Gridlock   Endless Ascent
04:55:40 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Paul Vens and Friends   Discovering   Daughters of Light   Simply Relax
04:47:49 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Rapoon   Variable 2   Easterly 6 or 7   Magnatune
04:40:28 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Jacob Newman   Rain and Drone   Ambient From Spring and Summer   Jacob Newman
04:33:32 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Long Desert Cowboy   14 03 05   Finareia   Test Tube
04:28:58 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Resonant Drift   Sorrow and Love   Flow Mingled Down   Resonant Drift
04:25:59 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Oskar Hallbert   Raining   Doodling   Resting Bell
04:24:20 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Marcel Pequel   December   The 12 Months   Headphonica
04:13:25 AM CDT (UTC-5)   SunDummy   Beyond The Reef 2   Mighty Voids Collide   TZP Drone Company
04:10:26 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Andreas Pflanzl   Atomis   Leaving Universe   Andreas Pflanzl
04:00:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Chris Russell   Emerge   Merge   Void Music
03:00:13 AM CDT (UTC-5)   SunDummy   Approaching Storm   Approaching Storm   TZP Drone Company
02:56:32 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Project Divinity   Gathering Dusk   Divinity   Jamendo
02:52:05 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Introspective   Early Hypothesis   Covert Set   Nishi
02:45:27 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Michele Ippolito   Malibu   Mystic Moods   Penrose Records
02:40:24 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Northern   Pacific   Drawn   Infraction
02:30:48 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Aairria   Amoxapine   Katharsis   Earth Mantra
02:22:48 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Reality Switch   The White Nothing 9   The White Nothing   Timetheory
02:18:33 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Ken Elkinson   Move Over, Sunrise   Music for Commuting Volumes 1 and 2   Ken Elkinson
02:11:14 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Adamned.age   Wachtraum   no-R-mal II Disc 4   Just Not Normal
02:04:34 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Copal River   The River   Copal River   Blue Water Records
02:01:48 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Michael Stearns   A Moment Before   Floating Whispers   Sonic Atmospheres
01:53:21 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kevin Rees   ruins   Pools Of Instability   Kevin Rees
01:49:57 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Ben Cox   Look Into Your I   multi threaded   Ben Cox Music
01:38:30 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kit Watkins   Reflectivity   This Time and Space   Earth Mantra
01:35:55 AM CDT (UTC-5)   John Lithium   Enter (A Soul of Corrupted Darkness)   The Mysterious Stranger   Crumbling Wall
01:28:33 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Austere   Distance   Distance   Sound-O-Mat
01:25:34 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Perlieu   Snow I   Bloom   Parasomniac
01:16:34 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Soul In Limbo   Aspects of Everything   Drone Download Project Year 6   Dark Duck
01:12:39 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Dave Luxton   A Cirrus Sunset   Hidden Music   Dave Luxton
01:01:55 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Cousin Silas   Standege Tunnels Disused   Complex Silence 9   Treetrunk
12:52:48 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Stellamara   Karuna   Star of the Sea   Magnatune
12:47:15 AM CDT (UTC-5)   John Lithium   The End (Please, Do Not Leave Me)   The Mysterious Stranger   Crumbling Wall
12:44:13 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kevin Fletcher Tweedy   Dark Forest   A Distant Vision   Blue Water Records
12:39:09 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kit Watkins   This Bliss   This Time and Space   Earth Mantra
12:31:56 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Distant Waves   Chanchelulla   Etched Skies   Distant Waves Music
12:29:03 AM CDT (UTC-5)   utopiaXO   Light Dancing   The Light   UtopiaXO
12:07:29 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Perimeter   Cryo-Stasis   Perceiving The Invisible   Dark Winter
12:04:22 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Aes Dana   Chernozem (Closing)   Memory Shell   Ultimae
11:59:55 PM CDT (UTC-5)   Mosaik   Noa Lake   Apologies   Kahvi Collective
11:51:54 PM CDT (UTC-5)   souns   Indigo   Lights   Kikapu
11:49:15 PM CDT (UTC-5)   Elve   Emerald Forest   Emerald   v-i-r-t-u-a-l-w-o-r-l-d
11:45:02 PM CDT (UTC-5)   Mister Vapor   E Mission   Vaporous Dawn   Treetrunk