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Program:   Nightscaping
Host:   Har
Listeners:   52 people in 6 countries
Artist:   Cousin Silas
Track:   First Landing On Icarus IV
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07:17 PM CST - Frore - Sky Glow
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07:02 PM CST - Disturbed Earth - Shade
06:52 PM CST - Frore - Field and Thorn
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    Artist   Track   Release   Label
07:32:33 PM CST (UTC-6)   Cousin Silas   First Landing On Icarus IV    
07:27:52 PM CST (UTC-6)   Har   Stop! Yammer Time...    
07:17:55 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Sky Glow    
07:11:05 PM CST (UTC-6)   Numina and Caul   Uncertain Moment    
07:08:17 PM CST (UTC-6)   Numina and Caul   Molton Flow    
07:02:06 PM CST (UTC-6)   Disturbed Earth   Shade    
06:52:52 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Field and Thorn    
06:48:39 PM CST (UTC-6)   Har   Stop! Yammer Time...    
06:40:28 PM CST (UTC-6)   Numina and Caul   Descent Into Darkness    
06:34:58 PM CST (UTC-6)   Cousin Silas   The Black Guitar    
06:26:06 PM CST (UTC-6)   Har   Amelia    
06:07:34 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   A Fevered Sleep    
06:01:52 PM CST (UTC-6)   Har   Nightscaping Ignition Sequence    
05:55:56 PM CST (UTC-6)   4AM   Phased Out   Organbient Longform Ambient Compilation Vol 1   Blue Water Records
05:42:44 PM CST (UTC-6)   Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana   In the Realm of Twilight -- Outlands One   Well of Souls Disc 1   Projekt
05:36:07 PM CST (UTC-6)   Wintermute   Lost In Space   Chill Zone   Wintermute
05:28:35 PM CST (UTC-6)   Sara Ayers   Excerpt From EMIL (Live March 15, 2003)   Ambient Collaborations   Endless Ascent
05:25:24 PM CST (UTC-6)   Streamline   Sleight of Hand   Echo Lake   Streamline
05:17:52 PM CST (UTC-6)   Michael Dulin   Siren Song   Follow the River   Michael Dulin
05:10:54 PM CST (UTC-6)   Joanne Gabriel   The Planet   Almighty   Musictrade
05:04:13 PM CST (UTC-6)   Bosques de mi Mente   El vals de las marioneta   Otono   Clinical Archives
04:40:02 PM CST (UTC-6)   Richard Lainhart   The Deep Blue Of Twilight   The Deep Blue Of Twilight   Richard Lainhart
04:35:52 PM CST (UTC-6)   Disturbed Earth   Reminder   Life Amidst Dreams   AtmoWorks
04:28:33 PM CST (UTC-6)   Silence Drift   Thousand Peaks   Landscapes Through The Viewfinder   Clinical Archives
04:17:27 PM CST (UTC-6)   OnSpiderPark   Atoms   Atoms   BFW Recordings
04:13:18 PM CST (UTC-6)   Dave Luxton and Aaron Gates   Unanswered Prayers   Futurus   Dave Luxton
04:06:58 PM CST (UTC-6)   Michele Ippolito   Dreamstar   In The Clouds   Michele Ippolito
04:04:28 PM CST (UTC-6)   Disabled   Ceiling (Wake. Opening)   Slice of Dream EP   Liminal
03:58:19 PM CST (UTC-6)   Gelier Jonathan   Rey negro   Trece   Breathe
03:53:06 PM CST (UTC-6)   Giles Reaves   twilight   Sea of Glass   Hearts of Space
03:42:20 PM CST (UTC-6)   Distant Waves   Onyx   Stones From The River   Distant Waves Music
03:32:55 PM CST (UTC-6)   Chris Russell   Abyss   Portal   Relaxed Machinery
03:29:04 PM CST (UTC-6)   Josh Johnston   Atlantic   The Shape of Things   Josh Johnston
03:26:43 PM CST (UTC-6)   That Black   The Hidden Charm of a Lift   TimeLessNess   That Black
03:20:17 PM CST (UTC-6)   Reality Switch   The White Nothing 4   The White Nothing   Timetheory
03:11:37 PM CST (UTC-6)   Bob Ohrum   Last Breath Before   All Around Me   Relaxed Machinery
03:05:15 PM CST (UTC-6)   Counterspark   6.25   The Halpern Experiment   Resting Bell
03:00:38 PM CST (UTC-6)   Dimitris   In Orbit   Pages   Bump Foot
02:53:52 PM CST (UTC-6)   Jonathan Block and The Circular Ruins   Shadows on Water   Shadows on Water   Gears of Sand
02:45:30 PM CST (UTC-6)   Cell   Erasing Pluto   Fahrenheit Project Part Six   Ultimae
02:41:33 PM CST (UTC-6)   Fabio Keiner   Glockenspiel 6   Glockenspiel   SoundClick.com
02:31:51 PM CST (UTC-6)   Shane Morris and Muied Lumens   At the Gates of the Unknown   no-R-mal II Disc 3   Just Not Normal
02:26:14 PM CST (UTC-6)   Paul Avgerinos   Breathe   Gnosis   Magnatune
02:24:42 PM CST (UTC-6)   SineRider   Hey Can I Intervene   Like A Ray Of Light   BFW Recordings
02:20:40 PM CST (UTC-6)   Pavonine   Oscilloclast   Of Places and Moments   Just Not Normal
02:07:28 PM CST (UTC-6)   Shane Morris   I always think of you at Sunrise   Complex Silence 20   Treetrunk
01:54:19 PM CST (UTC-6)   Deep Tree Mantra   Live at Johns Hopkins, June 19, 2009, Part 3   Unreleased   Deep Tree Mantra
01:49:12 PM CST (UTC-6)   Niall   Reiki River (The Journey Begins)   Reiki River   Paradise Music
01:47:42 PM CST (UTC-6)   Dimitris   Both Hands Sweet   Back, Black and White   Dimitris
01:34:30 PM CST (UTC-6)   Shane Morris   ByTheFiresLight   Equinox   Earth Mantra
01:28:49 PM CST (UTC-6)   Cleveland Wehle   Merciless Beauty (Reprise)   Ambient ~ Solitude and Contemplation   Cleveland Wehle
01:15:13 PM CST (UTC-6)   33 Tetragammon and Human Metronome   The House of Aluxes   Resonating Earth   Resonating Earth
12:59:53 PM CST (UTC-6)   Doc and Lena Selyanina   And If I Have No Love I Will Be Nothing   Noble, Sentimental and Ambient Waltzes   Musictrade
12:51:41 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   A Name On The Wind   Shadowlands   Relaxed Machinery
12:42:39 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   First Ray of Light   Shadowlands   Relaxed Machinery
12:23:42 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   A Fevered Sleep   Shadowlands   Relaxed Machinery
12:12:37 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Terra Pulse   Shadowlands   Relaxed Machinery
12:02:20 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Sky Glow   Shadowlands   Relaxed Machinery
11:57:43 AM CST (UTC-6)   Dean De Benedictis   Variation 3 ~ Terra Devine   A Cambient Variations   Fateless
11:39:08 AM CST (UTC-6)   Bing Satellites   Titan   Twilight Sessions Volume Three   BFW Recordings