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Host:   Wally The Ambient Robot
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Artist:   Frore
Track:   Place Of Shelter
Album:   Undercurrents
Released:   2013
Label:   Dark Duck
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06:46 AM CST - Frore - Emerge From S ...
06:36 AM CST - Frore - Entwined
06:29 AM CST - Frore - Trial By Fire
06:21 AM CST - Frore - Hidden Path
06:11 AM CST - Frore - The Dreaming ...
06:02 AM CST - Frore - Journey Internal
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Paul Adams - Three Legged Puttle Put
Vidna Obmana - Passage in Beauty
Bruno Sanfilippo - Suplicant
Minus 3 - Adiaphane
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    Artist   Track   Release   Label
07:05:15 AM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Place Of Shelter   Undercurrents   Dark Duck
06:46:44 AM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Emerge From Shadow   Undercurrents   Dark Duck
06:36:45 AM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Entwined   Undercurrents   Dark Duck
06:29:15 AM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Trial By Fire   Undercurrents   Dark Duck
06:21:12 AM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Hidden Path   Undercurrents   Dark Duck
06:11:34 AM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   The Dreaming Ground   Undercurrents   Dark Duck
06:02:18 AM CST (UTC-6)   Frore   Journey Internal   Undercurrents   Dark Duck
05:55:11 AM CST (UTC-6)   Bruno Sanfilippo and Matthias Grassow   CROMO Piano and Drones 4   CROMO (piano and drones)   AD21
05:25:30 AM CST (UTC-6)   Bing Satellites   And the Underwater Music Goes On   Accidental Music Volume One   BFW Recordings
05:18:05 AM CST (UTC-6)   Steve Roach   Moon and Star   Midnight Moon   Projekt
05:06:11 AM CST (UTC-6)   Copal River   Thanks Fred   Copal River   Blue Water Records
04:18:19 AM CST (UTC-6)   Aairria   A Waterclock, A Ball-Jointed Doll, A Broken Piano   Katharsis   Earth Mantra
04:01:59 AM CST (UTC-6)   Language of Landscape   Contemplating Departure In Wake of Clear Light   Memories Fade Under a Shallow Autumn Snow   Phantom Channel
03:58:47 AM CST (UTC-6)   Runningonair   On Hold Part 1   Out Of Process   Runningonair
03:54:21 AM CST (UTC-6)   Glenn Main   Electronic Secret Part 6   Electronic Secret   Glenn Main
03:42:37 AM CST (UTC-6)   Steve Brand   Amniotic Light   Catalyst   Relaxed Machinery
03:37:48 AM CST (UTC-6)   M. Ostermeier   Hedge Game   Chance Reconstruction   Tench
02:24:15 AM CST (UTC-6)   Tange   Eternal Dreaming 1   Eternal Dreaming   Treetrunk
02:21:05 AM CST (UTC-6)   Mooma   Mt. Sand   Ambient Collective ~ The Serene Files Part One   Ambient Collective
02:14:57 AM CST (UTC-6)   Gregg Plummer   Diabolus   Transambiation   Gregg Plummer Music
02:07:56 AM CST (UTC-6)   Lucette Bourdin   The Dew is on the Grass   Drum-atic Atmospheres   Dark Duck
02:00:13 AM CST (UTC-6)   Beyond Absence   The End of Living and Beginning of Survival   Complacency   Webbed Hand
01:54:37 AM CST (UTC-6)   Beyond Absence   Abertura   Complacency   Webbed Hand
01:47:00 AM CST (UTC-6)   Juta Takahashi   Transcendence   Quiet Rain   Lunisolar
01:44:48 AM CST (UTC-6)   The navigator   Outro to the blind flight    
01:26:33 AM CST (UTC-6)   Stephen Briggs   Resurrection    
01:12:56 AM CST (UTC-6)   Stephen Briggs   This happens    
01:00:35 AM CST (UTC-6)   Stephen Briggs   Before ...    
12:44:08 AM CST (UTC-6)   Stephen Briggs   To submit    
12:24:34 AM CST (UTC-6)   Stephen Briggs   The time has come    
12:22:01 AM CST (UTC-6)   Line   Recording    
11:31:41 PM CST (UTC-6)   Matthew VandenBrook   Without Sin    
11:30:24 PM CST (UTC-6)   Line   Recording    
11:27:13 PM CST (UTC-6)   Rune Martinsen   Crucifixion    
11:21:30 PM CST (UTC-6)   Rune Martinsen   Night at Golgotha    
11:13:55 PM CST (UTC-6)   Rune Martinsen   Suffering    
11:07:16 PM CST (UTC-6)   Rune Martinsen   Pater Noster    
11:04:32 PM CST (UTC-6)   Line   Recording    
11:00:36 PM CST (UTC-6)   The Navigator   Intro to the Blind Flight    
10:01:10 PM CST (UTC-6)   Grove of Whispers   [LIVE]    
09:51:42 PM CST (UTC-6)   Juta Takahashi   Transcendence   Quiet Rain   Lunisolar
09:45:45 PM CST (UTC-6)   EugeneKha   Sometime January Rmx   Green Quest (disc 1)   Earth Mantra
09:32:34 PM CST (UTC-6)   Dark Muse   Night Blossoms (Live)   Mini-Sampler   Dark Muse Music
09:31:32 PM CST (UTC-6)   Graham Dean Satterthwaite   Lonely   Life is a Journey   Graham Dean Satterthwaite
09:21:27 PM CST (UTC-6)   sinclair   Plain   0306   Earth Mantra
09:18:01 PM CST (UTC-6)   Ken Clinger and Charles Rice Goff III   Stolen Personalities   Midiosyncrasy   Taped Rugs
09:04:14 PM CST (UTC-6)   Boreal Taiga   Tundra Ecotone   Isopectic Isotac   Boreal Taiga
08:57:20 PM CST (UTC-6)   Reese Burgan   Separation of the Sky   Eighth Day   Earth Mantra
08:51:27 PM CST (UTC-6)   Reese Burgan   Destruction of Time   Eighth Day   Earth Mantra
08:46:53 PM CST (UTC-6)   Bruno Sanfilippo   InTROpassion   InTRO   AD21
08:38:24 PM CST (UTC-6)   Magnetic Wind   You Are This Art (Instrumental)   Sounds of Rumi   Magnetic Wind
08:30:48 PM CST (UTC-6)   The Nature of Light   Judgement   Atropos   Webbed Hand
08:25:13 PM CST (UTC-6)   Fellirium   untitled 05   Unreleased Tracks   Qulture Production
08:19:29 PM CST (UTC-6)   Exuviae and Kenji Siratori   Pierott Confession   The Drug Embryo   Dark Winter
08:07:26 PM CST (UTC-6)   Tom Powell   Kantele   Scattergathering   Tom Powell
08:05:58 PM CST (UTC-6)   The Omega Core   Four Billion Cubic Kilometres of Shining Papyrus   Massive Black   Earth Mantra
08:01:31 PM CST (UTC-6)   Dimitri Schkoda   Great Wars of Ants   Nobody Home I   Dimitri Schkoda
07:54:01 PM CST (UTC-6)   Jujigen   On The Wing (aka Winter)   Ambient Collective ~ Winter   Ambient Collective
07:47:22 PM CST (UTC-6)   Second Thought and Noisesurfer   RECAB-A.Exception   Oncoming Storm   Silent Flow
07:43:10 PM CST (UTC-6)   Frozen Silence   Dream of a Butterfly   Heart of Winter   Jamendo