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Released:   2009
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On Today: Mystic Music

Host: Eric Meece
Starts: 22:00:00
Lasts: 2 hours


For something special and out of the ordinary, tune into Mystic Music with Eric Mystic on Monday evenings. Take a vacation from ordinary reality and catch a glimpse of mystic spaces. Mystic music is that kind of sonorous sound experience that lifts and awakens you above normal consciousness, even if only for a few moments. If you listen sensitively, it puts you in touch with your most special memories and forgotten dreams.

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Welcome to StillStream

We are a non-commercial ambient radio station that is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to our automated radio feed, we also focus on live radio programs, with real live hosts who share their passion for deep music with you.

We subscribe to the Wikipedia definition of ambient music, and love all forms of it, not just one subgenre or another. This means we play all sorts of music, such as:

- Soothing light ambient
- Ambient mood music
- Impenetrable dark ambient
- Berlin-school electronic ambient
- Challenging experimental ambient
- Futuristic ambient noise
- Powerful tribal ambient
- Cinematic symphonic ambient
- Expansive space music
- Textural abstract ambient
- Exotic world ambient
- Uplifiting new age ambient
- And much more

Our stream is very diverse, and is suitable for many types of listening. We exist solely to promote interest in ambient music and to give ambient artists a community. Everything we do we make available for no cost and with no commercials.

StillStream is free for everyone to enjoy, completely anonymously, as often as desired, so why not tune in today?

Featured Label: Free Floating

Serene, atmospheric ambient music.


Free Floating Music is the project of Vancouver based Brad Ross-MacLeod. Brad has been a fan of ambient music since hearing Steve Roach's Structures from Silence on WXPN's Stars End show in the mid 1980's. In 2007 he began a blog (Down From Space) about free ambient music. That blog eventually became Free Floating. In July of 2008, Free Floating moved to the internet airwaves as a weekly program on Stillstream radio. In 2011, Free Floating Music, the netlabel, was born with the inaugural compilation release "conception".

Featured Release: Excursion 3

by Altus


This newest work by Altus is stunning and an absolute must for any fan of ambient music. The album comprises 3 tracks, the shortest of which is the 10 minute opener, Journeys End. What a great opening to an album with its rhythmic element, reminiscent in its own way, of 80's Tangerine dream tracks, reminding me of an ambient version of the title track to their White Eagle cd. This track adds layer upon layer to a great compositional structure that is very pleasing to the ear. Gathering the Moments is a spacious ambient piano track giving the listener plenty of room between the moments to reflect, moving slowly so the journey isn't hurried. The 30 minute epic Silver Shores is an arrangement of lush and beautiful synth pads that ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean, carrying the listener off into the expanse of a calm and serene place. This is an inspiring and beautiful album and will undoubtedly be among the best ambient albums of the year.

Featured Artist: SSI

Sonic Solutions Inc


SSI or Sonic Solutions Inc is brothers John and Will Goff. Started 11 years ago, the duo have produced 3 full length ambient albums and are currently gearing up for their 4th. The music is slow moving with little or no regards to formal composition. The songs or tracks don't have resolutions and the repetitive structure of formalized music is disregarded. All of the compositions are improvised with no rehearsals - the music can be focused on or put on as background music; enough changes happen to engage the listener but the sounds and ideas are subdued. All of the album titles reference the Iraq war and are titled in Latin; what goes around comes around. We are doomed to repeat our forefather's mistakes.... The 4th record, "Resurrectionem ex mortuis" or "Back from the Dead", will be coming out in the fall. As a side note, all the music in is the key of E flat minor and the tempo is 100 bpm so every track can be played over every other track.