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Our Programs

These are the shows that make StillStream what it is. See the schedule page for information about days and times.

At Water’s Edge

(Hosted by Rebekkah Hilgraves) - At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Be sure to follow on facebook and subscribe to the podcast.

Dream Time Rewind

(Hosted by Joel Sutton) - Dream Time is weekly podcast of light ambient music for sleep and relaxation.

Grove of Whispers

(Hosted by John Tocher) - Those voices you hear? The Grove of Whispers. That hand on your shoulder? Your gentle guide in this land of dreams. Do not stray from the path, or the darkness shall consume you. Only John Tocher can illuminate your way in this mysterious realm. This fully improvised live ambient music show can be heard most days on Still Stream. Recordings are available at

Mysterious Semblance

(Hosted by Tange) - Get the weekend off to a great start with Mysterious Semblance, which includes a focus on Berlin-school ambience as well as some of the best live performances you will hear.

Mystic Music

(Hosted by Eric Meece) - For something special and out of the ordinary, tune into Mystic Music with Eric Mystic on Monday evenings. Take a vacation from ordinary reality and catch a glimpse of mystic spaces. Mystic music is that kind of sonorous sound experience that lifts and awakens you above normal consciousness, even if only for a few moments. If you listen sensitively, it puts you in touch with your most special memories and forgotten dreams.


(Hosted by Har) - "I'm not here to help you fall asleep..."

Join Har's weekly journey into the darker and more mysterious corners of the ambient universe. Bringing you everything from darkly eerie yet soothing sonic landscapes, to beat-driven "noir-ambient" soundtracks for unwritten creepy detective novels, to harsh nightmare-ish other-worlds - Nightscaping focuses on music from a land forever frozen at twilight. Also featuring live performances from Har's studio, now with occasional streaming video simulcasts as well. Follow the show's Facebook page, blog and Livestream channel for weekly updates.


(Hosted by John Tocher) - Emanating from a laboratory deep in bayou country near the border of Texas and Louisiana, USA, Sadayatana (Sanskrit for "realm of the senses") provides you with a weekly dose of ambient, dark ambient, musique concrete, and experimental musics. Your one stop shop containing everything for that sonically weird inner Buddha. Tune in, turn on, zen out.

StillStream All Ambient

(Hosted by Wally The Ambient Robot) - When other live programs aren't on the air, we present StillStream All Ambient for your listening pleasure. Hosted by our own Wally The Ambient Robot, this program plays from the entirety of our library, an always-fresh set of music that can play non stop for weeks and weeks at a time without a single repeat.

The Blind Flight

(Hosted by The Navigator) - Take a journey from your imagination to the outer edges of the galaxy on the Blind Flight. Scott Lawlor presents ambient, electronic, and new-age music to help you chill out, relax, and unwind from the stress that accumulates as a result of these fast times in which we exist.